Mobile Commerce in 2020
Trends and Estel’s Digital Electronic Voucher Distribution (E-Voucher)

Mobile commerce, m commerce or also written as m-commerce is the buying and selling of products and services on Mobile Devices like feature phones, smartphones, tablets, new generation Android POS, and Online shopping with the comfort of a portable handheld device.

Today, Mobile commerce has become a major accessibility option for digital content.

  • 80% of smartphone users shop on their mobile devices (Source:
  • By the year 2021, it is expected that mobile commerce will leave behind other online shopping methods (source:

Also, we know that a tremendous effort is being done to turn the cash into digital money to enable secure, fast mobile commerce. This has completely revolutionized the mobile commerce platform. 

Let’s look at different types of mobile commerce activities:

  • Ecommerce using an Android, iOS app
  • Electronic Vouchers (e-Vouchers) for prepaid recharge
  • Mobile Recharges, Data recharge buying
  • Purchasing App services like taxi rides, rentals, food ordering, etc.
  • Purchase or rental of digital content like Google Play, Amazon Prime & Netflix, etc.
  • Retail Payments & Mobile Banking (Google Pay, Apple Pay)
  • Peer to Peer payments like (Google Pay, Amazon Pay)

Out of these activities in Mobile Commerce, Electronic Voucher Distribution for recharge is still a very popular form of mobile commerce for buying pre-paid services through a mobile service provider or a retailer.

As the telecom industry is growing exponentially Telecom operators are having difficult times due to severe competition. The operators now have to maximize their mobile commerce revenue while saving their overall services distribution costs. Therefore, there is an ongoing attempt to reach maximum customers with lesser distribution costs.

Estel Technologies' electronic e-voucher distribution solution provides answers to these very problems and saves both the cost of distribution and printing of e-vouchers. 

The e-Voucher process eliminates scratch cards and streamlines : 

  • Distributing of e-vouchers in several batches to distributors & retailers
  • Managing and delivery of e-vouchers to distributors and retailers
  • Secure storage of e-vouchers by all members of the distribution chain
  • Printing of the e-vouchers at point of sale

The solution is very easy to implement and deploy and the e-recharge pin is distributed using multiple devices: like printing the e-Pin at the POS or sending the e-pin electronically through an SMS. This facilitates the service providers to use the same infrastructure to distribute e-vouchers of multiple operators and multiple type of pre-paid services, which eventually results in additional revenues.

Our Advantage

  • No Need to print & distribute scratch cards
  • No logistics cost for distribution
  • No risk for theft, damage as inventory is managed through a digitally secured wallet

Our other solutions helping Mobile Commerce in 2020

Estel’s Mobile Commerce Financial Services & Payments Platform provides various solutions that enable Banks, Telco’s and Third-party solution providers to provide these solutions to their customers. The Mobile Financial Services & Mobile Commerce Solution Platform includes:

The Future of Mobile Commerce

The future of mobile commerce is bright and prominent as the market share growth is expected to reach 740 Billion by 2023 from 501 billion in 2018 (Source: Statista)

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