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At Estel, we have been providing m-Commerce solution long before they became popular. That is why partnering with us pays off for you. We bring to the table decades of experience, rich global expertise of consumer preferences, a stable, solid platform that is future proof, scalable and totally secure.

10 Reasons to Partner with Estel

  • Multi-application, feature rich platform; constantly innovating
  • Outstanding Systems Integrations experience with banks & MNO systems
  • Wide presence in India, Asia & Africa
  • Rich Managed Service experience with in-depth ‘nuts & bolts’ domain knowledge
  • Supports multiple devices, network interfaces
  • ‘Open Software’ approach; open API, open MIS database
  • Tailor made solutions to meet local needs
  • Cost effective approach to business
  • Proven customer centric view, excellent local support, low turnaround times
  • ISO 9001 certified company focused only on m-Commerce solutions & services including Top-Up & MFS

Enterprise level abilities with enterprise grade support

At Estel we realize that Mobile Financial Services solutions are a mission critical business technology, that’s why you need an agile partner. One, with expertise and hardcore ‘nuts & bolts’ domain knowledge. Estel’s solutions are designed to reduce transaction time, costs and, operational complexity while increasing customer satisfaction and ‘stickiness’.

Some of Estel’s Achievements

  • Largest single site deployment with 50 Mil transactions in a single day
  • High scale Migration/Transformation experience with a major mobile operator migrating 30 mil base
  • Average response time within the system < 50 MS
  • Certified by Oracle labs for 1,500 TPS on ODA, and for 4,000 TPS on Exadata


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