Estel’s Prepaid Recharge Platform
Enables recharge of any prepaid services, including Prepaid Electricity Recharge.

Today mobility solutions are critical for the growth of any prepaid recharge service provider to offer several quick and easy ways for its customers to recharge their prepaid accounts for multiple categories of payment options. Also, a prepaid e-recharge platform benefits the users by reducing the overall go-to-market time

Since the prepaid businesses for mobile and other service providers are rapidly growing worldwide, the volume of transactions are getting bigger and bigger every day and service providers need, not only robust, feature-rich systems but also systems which are highly scalable and can effectively handle extremely high volumes with 0% downtime.

Estel’s prepaid recharge platform which enables recharge of any prepaid service and is especially designed for mobile and handheld end-users and agents with proven deployments globally, offers a convenient experience for customers to top-up their prepaid accounts in real-time, within seconds.

The solution topples traditional card-based top-ups, e-recharges and offersgreater pliability to operators of Mobile Networks, ISPs, Calling Cards, prepaid TV, prepaid electricity and toll, etc.. The technology offers massive benefits to the subscribers and distributors of service providers.

With the tremendous growth in online utility bill payments (especially for electricity prepaid recharge) through mobile apps, websites, there is a great demand for an online recharge software solution with API for retailers and distributors

Estel’s prepaid e-Recharge system can be used for any service recharge, even Prepaid Electricity recharge.

The system supports both :

  • Online PIN-less top-up to a subscriber’s prepaid electricity account directly
  • Subscriber can enter e-voucher pin (delivered directly) or a token viaPOS terminal, SMS

Our highly secure and stable platform with encryption enables easy deployment solutions for B2B requirements related to prepaid electricity recharge.

Key Benefits to Service Providers

  • Lower Costs and Increased Profits – By replacing traditional recharge cards or vouchers with pin-less recharge. Thus, reducing overall costs related to print, distribution, warehousing, transportation, damages and fraud, which results in increased profits and better ROI (return on investment)
  • Deeper Market Penetration – It is now possible to cover more regions including remote areas for retail channel distribution even where mobile network and data is not available. It offers a lower cost of entry for retailers as they just need a mobile phone to kick-start their business
  • Quick Response to Market Dynamics - We’ve designed our solution in such a fashion that it takes less time to configure and launch new service package options to address market demands and requirements. This helps in tackling competition in a faster and effective manner
  • Solution designed for the modern-day customers - Estel’s recharge platform offers a complete 360-degree recharge solution for enhancing customer satisfaction, which is available as robust, scalable backend solutions and are accessible through websites as well as a high engagement channel for subscribers, end-users through mobile apps

About Estel Technologies

Estel Technologies is a global leader in enabling mobile financial services with footprints in more than 30 countries helping Telecom operators, Banks and their services providers with a focus on Asia, Africa, Middle East, CIS countries and Latina America

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Prepaid Recharge Platform
Estel’s Prepaid Recharge Platform Enables recharge of any prepaid services, including Prepaid Electricity Recharge.
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