ETopUp and E-Voucher Platform

Anytime, Anywhere, Any value, Any service Recharge

Estel’s Prepaid Recharge Solutions (eTopUp and e-Voucher) enable mobile operators & service providers to shorten time to market by offering end-to-end prepaid recharge solutions. We offer secure, easy to roll out and easy to use methods of recharge, with very high levels of reliability, scalability and performance including features such as:

  • Managing agents
  • Defining comissions
  • Managing bonuses
  • Setting business rules
  • Managing prepaid products
  • Enabling mobile recharge via multiple channels & payment methods

Our electronic top up (e-Top Up) and e-Voucher solutions make it easy to efficiently manage your recharge business while delivering a consistently superior customer experience and service.

Unique Advantages of Estel’s Prepaid Recharge Solutions:

  • Easier BPM: Manage the entire delivery chain including commissions to agents, dealers etc without human interface
  • Better Business Intelligence: Identify top performers in your chain and better manage incentive  programmes
  • High TPS rate ensures better customer experience & faster transactions
  • Reduced Cost Per Transaction (CPT)

Our technology enables operators of Prepaid Services to offer voucher-less recharge, with no PINs & no restrictions on denominations.

The e-Top up service can be operated either by:

  • The Prepaid Operator themselves for recharge of their service, or,
  • A 3rd party Service Provider who distributes service recharge of either a single or multiple operators under a distribution agreement with them, or,

The platform supports prepaid services recharge for multiple prepaid services such as mobile, internet, TV, toll, prepaid electricity, etc.), via both models - B2B (distribution via a hierarchical network of agents), or self service recharge (B2C).

Our B2C module enables subscribers of prepaid services to recharge their own or another prepaid account using a m-App, web portal or Kiosk, and making payment via any mode of e-payment (cards, direct bank debit, m-Wallet account, gift cards, loyalty points…).

This platform can be easily upgraded to offer bill payment services using the same IT infrastructure, and same network of agents (B2B model) or via additional tabs in B2C model; this enables service providers to earn additional revenues using their investment in the Estel Prepaid Recharge platform.

Benefits of Electronic Top Up (eTopUp):

  • No PINs, thus no restrictions on recharge denomination; any value recharge!
  • Implementation of e-Top Up solution eliminates use of scratch cards and their risks & costs
  • Merchants selling prepaid mobile recharge purchase airtime value (not PINs), reducing ‘stock out risk’ for fast moving items
  • No risk of theft or damage to stock, as merchant inventory sits in a m-wallet on server
  • Retailers use their mobile phones to buy & sell airtime top up anytime, anywhere

In some countries, Voucher based recharge is a preferred way to recharge prepaid services.

Our e-Voucher technology enables service providers to distribute e-PINs via their merchants, using multiple devices to either print the e-PIN at the point of sale, or, send the e-PIN by SMS to the customer. This potential outsourcing of e-voucher distribution to service providers opens up new & exciting opportunities for them, who can distribute e-Vouchers of multiple services & operators on the same infrastructure, to earn additional revenues.

Our e-Voucher system easily upgrades to full eTopUp enabling operators of Prepaid Services to offer voucher less recharge, with no PINs & no restrictions on denominations.

Benefits of e-Voucher

  • Service Operators need not print scratch cards & incur logistics for distribution, saving significant cost
  • Service Operators can track all e-PIN recharge sales to the last distribution point
  • Our e-Voucher solution reduces fraud and fake, lost, damaged, and stolen vouchers

The e-Voucher solution also offers benefits for retailers:

  • Retailers can purchase either value based stock, or individual PINs, thus managing their working capital as they deem fit
  • They can operate either on line or off line, thus managing working capital efficiently
  • No risk of theft or damage to stock, as the inventory sits electronically in a wallet / device

Service providers can offer a comprehensive bill presentment & payment service for:

  • Multiple billers
  • In either or both, B2C (self payment), or B2B (distribution via a hierarchical network of agents) mode
  • In B2B mode, agents can utilize their ‘common’ working capital (wallet balance) to sell both prepaid recharge & bill payment services

Multiple billers can easily be on-boarded, and their Bills can be uploaded into the system at varying frequencies and formats, with notifications to subscribers, who can then pay either themselves using any mode of e-Payment (cards, direct bank debit, m-Wallet account), or in cash at authorized agents. A reconciliation module is available, with drill down capability to transaction level for dispute management.


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