m-Money Interoperability Switch

The emergence of ‘FinTechs’ and the need to widen financial inclusion is rapidly increasing the adoption and usage of mobile money across emerging countries. The increasing number of transactions is pushing the need for Inter-operability between various mobile money apps, and between mobile wallets and banks. There is also an increasing demand for compliance and regulation of the mobile money transactions. The Estel MMO Switch offers a comprehensive suite of solutions for multiple use cases and adopts a modular approach depending on your need and financial environment.


  1. Inter-operability of services between different MMOs, by interconnecting all MMOs together via the switch
  2. Inter-operability of services between MMOs & other financial services enabling MMOs to become mainstream
  3. Enables real time inter operator transactions and clearing & settlement

The Estel MMO Switch is highly secure & feature rich; it also includes modules for AML, Fees, Reconciliation & Settlement and Reporting.

Additional modules of the Estel MMO Switch enable some Value Added services, which provide new services to consumers, and additional source of revenues to industry, such as:

Value Added Services

  1. Ubiquitous Online Payments
  2. Pay to Phone
  3. National Bill Payments Switch

Monitoring, Compliance & Analytics Module

Regulators find it difficult & tedious to enforce monitoring of MMO transactions at each individual MMO level, and rely on MMO’s “self-reporting”. This often leads to non-reporting or incorrect reporting, resulting in ineffective enforcement of regulations & possible abuse of the ecosystem by various actors.

Estel’s Monitoring, Compliance & Analytics Module enables effective regulation & compliance of ‘new age’ (non-bank) financial service providers’, enabling full monitoring of hitherto un-monitored services:

  • Mobile Money Operators (MMO)
  • International Money Transfer Operators (IMTO)
  • Bureau de Change
  • Micro Finance Companies (MFC)

Monitoring & compliancy is done against specific license conditions for each sector. The module provides accurate ‘national’ & ‘operator wise’ data, analytics & reports for effective economic planning, policy making, and integration with tax data for revenue capture.


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