VMS (Voucher Management System)

VMS or Voucher Management System is a platform/solution used by Mobile Network Operators to generate and manage the end-to-end life cycle of voucher recharge codes.

It is used to:

  1. Define/create products/denominations
  2. Generate recharge voucher codes
  3. Manage print vendors (Voucher printing)
  4. Distribute the voucher codes
  5. Track the vouchers
  6. Redeem the voucher codes

Typically, a redeemable voucher code on a physical voucher comes as a masked number also called PIN. Users are required to scratch the voucher card (hence the name scratch-card) to reveal the number to be used for redemption.

While redeemable voucher codes were popularized by Mobile Operators its application is not limited to mobile recharge only. Vouchers have also been used for:

  1. Prepaid TV recharge
  2. Redeemable discount code/coupons
  3. Manage print vendors (Voucher printing)
  4. Promotional code
  5. Prepaid electricity recharge
  6. Games vouchers
  7. Lottery
  8. Humanitarian aid

Estel Advanced Voucher Management Platform

Estel’s VMS (Voucher Management System) is a platform for new-age Mobile Network Operators. It has been designed and developed on the digital-first principle to allow MNO’s exploit digital technology for faster product launch and wider coverage.

This Digital Voucher Management System can integrate and communicate with a number of nodes (e.g. ERP, CRM, DMS, etc.) to automate the process of voucher life cycle management right from the point of raising a purchase order to print the vouchers, managing/tracking distribution, and finally redemption.

This Voucher Management Platform can be used as:

  • Traditional Voucher Management System: To generate and print recharge codes on a physical voucher. The platform’s print vendor management module automates the communication with print vendors and the secure exchange of encrypted voucher files for printing.
  • e-Voucher Management System: To generate and distribute voucher codes in electronic/digital format over digital channels. Recharge code can be delivered to the end-user in SMS or in-app messages. The system can be easily & modularly upgraded for a comprehensive e-voucher delivery system using POS (point of sales) devices
  • In Hybrid Mode: Allows voucher codes to be used as eVoucher over digital channels or printed on physical recharge cards. Salient Features of Estel VMS

Some of the key features of Estel’s VMS system:

  • Estel’s VMS platform is a multi-operator platform that allows the definition of voucher products for multiple operators on the same setup e.g. Prepaid, TV, Games, etc.
  • This platform runs on top of a proven high-performance transaction processing engine capable of generating/processing millions of voucher codes within minutes.
  • The Voucher Management System runs on top of Estel’s core platform, which can also host other modules e.g. eTopup, EVD, etc. in parallel.
  • Estel’s Recharge Voucher Management System can integrate with all the popular mobile prepaid systems in the market today.
  • It can also integrate with any other kind of prepaid or postpaid system to post payments using redeemable voucher codes.
  • It can integrate with external systems (e.g. ERP, DMS, CRM, etc.) to automate the end-to-end voucher generation and distribution process.
  • Inbuilt Print vendor management module to register multiple print vendors and provides them a secure interface for collecting voucher print files and managing encryption key profiles.
  • The Voucher Management System maintains a pool of vouchers that can be quickly denominated/imprinted on demand to generate a huge quantity of vouchers within a few minutes.
  • Allows printing of multi-HRN vouchers on a single card.
  • Allow definition of common or multi-purpose vouchers, where a single voucher can be used to recharge multiple services.
  • Estel’s Voucher Management Software is cloud-ready and can be deployed in both private as well as public cloud environments.
  • Designed and Developed on digital-first principle to support voucher code distribution and redemptions over a number of digital channels, e.g. USSD, SMS, Smartphone App, Web, etc.
  • Also supports QR code-based physical or digital vouchers which can be easily scanned to redeem.

Case Studies

  • High-Performance Digital VMS for Telecom recharge: Telenor-DTAC, a Mobile Network Operator in Thailand was struggling with a legacy VMS system which(that) was limiting their ambitious digital transformation plans. Estel’s high-performance Digital Voucher Management System not only helped them in achieving their transformational goal, but also ended their regular capacity and performance woes.
  • Multi-Purpose Recharge Cards: A recharge code can be used for multiple purposes. Mr. Oluwole in Nigeria can buy one recharge code/card and use it to topup his mobile, or recharge his satellite TV, or pay for electricity/water, or even deposit money in his bank account.
  • For Charity Distribution: Mr. Yanis in Lebanon is living in a camp for a displaced population and does not have any means of sustenance. He receives vouchers from charitable agencies weekly. He can redeem these vouchers in designated stores to buy food grains, bread, etc. These vouchers are generated and redeemed using the Estel VMS system in the backend.


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