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Need for Security Solutions:

Digital transformation and “always online” are keys for success in this era. But they also expose entire organizations, including their customers, operations as well as their transactions to the ever-evolving threats from cybercriminals.

According to reports, 4,100 publicly disclosed data breaches occurred in 2022. exposing over 22 billion records with valuable and sensitive data for various enterprise businesses. Even though over $150 billion has been spent by organizations on cybersecurity, the industry still faces significant challenges.. Needless to say, far more breaches go unreported!

What does this mean?

This means that the cyber security measures that organizations are adopting are not able to plug the vulnerabilities properly and that the security solutions in use are evolving slower than cybercrime.

Often organizations run applications/platforms with security features inbuilt, which neither update as frequently as they need to, nor do they have an overall view of enterprise-wide security gaps, exposing them to threats.

What do we offer?

Estel has partnered with some of the most innovative companies in the industry, who understand the need of evolving security requirements and offer AI based approach to continuously evolve with the growing threat spectrum.

Estel’s security solutions offering includes:

  • Cognitive Security Platform: An AI powered security solution to monitor and coordinate with all cybersecurity points and analyze threat alarms.
  • Unified API Protection: An API security solution that Discovers Public APIs, Detects Vulnerabilities and Mitigates threats proactively.

Today, all large Enterprises spend a sizeable portion of their operational budget on security solutions and SOC (Security Operations Centre) management. Despite their large spends, their SOC team is often overwhelmed by the sheer number of alerts and alarm notifications generated on daily basis, making their task highly inefficient and unproductive. This is true especially in Telecom Operators and BFSI sectors, where the notification data sizes are huge and beyond human capabilities to manually screen & take action, despite employing army of analysts & experts.

With this platform, enterprises can drive proactive and reactive security effectively through our unified and collaborative Cognitive Security Platform. This platform not only augments analysts’ skills, knowledge, and scale through a first-of-its-kind AI-based cybersecurity analyst – CARA which learns in-real-time from the institutional knowledge and practical experiences of defenders around the world, but also helps analyze, reason, guide and resolve issues.

Some of the integrated capabilities of the solution include:

  • Alert & Incident Management
  • Threat Intelligence Feed
  • Threat Intelligence Management
  • Security Automation
  • Security Assessment
  • Risk Based Vulnerability Prioritization
  • Asset Discovery and Management
  • Abuse Mailbox


  • Increased security analyst productivity by 3x
  • MTTR reduced by 80%
  • Enhanced security at a net negative cost

APIs are the building blocks of the interconnected digital world we live in today, and play a crucial role in enabling modern software development and creating a rich ecosystem of interconnected applications and services. While exposing APIs is a business need for all digital companies, they come with a highly enhanced risk of cyberattacks.

Need for API protection

While APIs provide controlled access to data and services, a badly protected API also opens the door to cybercriminals abusing the system leading to data theft, fraud, and business disruptions.

Attacks on APIs have been continuously increasing since the last few years. A recent report says that attacks on APIs have increased by 681% in 2022 alone! The reason behind this increase is the lack of visibility and defense capability in security teams to protect their APIs. In fact, many organizations do not even know how many APIs they are exposing to the external world.

Here are Some of the alarming data points highlighting the seriousness of threats associated with API security for your reference:

  • The number of account takeover attacks targeting APIs has increased by 62% in recent years.
  • 80% of blocked traffic to companies' systems in the second half of 2021 was API-based.
  • API-related data breaches are projected to double by 2024/2025.
  • 95% of organizations have experienced an API security incident in the past 12 months.
  • 31% of organizations have experienced a sensitive data exposure or privacy incident due to an API security breach.

The exponential growth of APIs and the increasing sophistication of attackers make it imperative to adopt a proactive and robust system to protect against API attacks and safeguard valuable data.

How Unified API Protection helps?

Unified API Protection addresses every phase of your API security lifecycle. It can be deployed quickly without intrusive instrumentation or agents, and scales easily. The solution provides an outside-in and inside-out view of the API risk surface and enables dynamic vulnerability discovery and remediation while leveraging ML, and threat intelligence.

It offers:

  • API Discovery: Discover all your public-facing APIs
  • API Inventory: Create a runtime inventory of your managed, unmanaged, shadow, and zombie APIs
  • API Compliance: Check your APIs for security compliances
  • API Security Testing: Test APIs for vulnerabilities
  • Threat Detection: Use API threat database and ML rules to detect sophisticated automated attacks
  • Threat Prevention: Prevent API attacks using ML capabilities

Powered by an ML-based analytics engine that leverages the largest API threat database of behavioral patterns, known malicious infrastructure, and third-party intelligence to accurately detect API threats hiding in plain sight, with industry-leading efficacy rates.

Take a decisive step towards API protection. Discover your vulnerable APIs to understand the extent of API exposure of your enterprise. Click the link below for a scan of your attack surface, and we will provide you a list of vulnerable APIs for free.

Discover your vulnerable APIs to understand the extent of API exposure of your enterprise. Click the link below for a scan of your attack surface and we will provide you a list of vulnerable APIs for free.


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