What is mPOS (Mobile Point of Sale)?

Estel Mobile Point of Sale (mPOS) - In Detail

mPOS stands for Mobile Point of Sale (POS), which is a merchant payment solution from Estel. A smartphone, combined with an mPOS application & external Bluetooth card reader, turns the mobile phone into a card-accepting POS terminal. This enables merchants to accept card payments, in the same way as traditional POS terminals, but at a fraction of the cost, and with convenience & flexibility of full mobility (Anytime, Anywhere).

A traditional POS (also popular as credit card terminal) hardware is quite expensive requiring significant investment, which is often not feasible for small merchants. An Estel mPOS on the other hand is inexpensive compared to the traditional POS.

In most countries, a large number of people do not have access to banking & financial services, whereas they either have a mobile phone or have access to a mobile phone & service.

Estel m-POS platform is operated by Acquiring Banks, or Payment Service Providers, to enable merchants to accept card payments using their mobile phones. Additionally, merchants get online access to real-time sales & transaction reports, which help them gain valuable information about their consumer’s behaviour.

Components of Estel’s mPOS Solution

  • Smartphone, Card-reader, and (optional) Printer: The components form the front end of the solution. The smartphone runs Estel’s mPOS Software application which provides an interface similar to a standard POS terminal. A fully certified card-reader connected with the phone reads the debit/credit cards and allows customers to authenticate using the card PIN. The printer, a low-cost Bluetooth thermal printer, connected with the phone prints the receipts/statements. This component is optional since the solution can deliver downloadable eReceipts via SMS or email.
  • Estel mPOS application: A smartphone POS client application. This app is compatible with most of the smartphones in the market. So, a merchant may use his/her existing handset to install the mPOS client. This smartphone client provides a frontend interface to the merchant and communicates with Estel’s mPOS server. This feature-rich mPOS application is capable of doing much more than a traditional POS terminal.
  • Merchant Portal (web & mobile): Provides merchant & device registration, activation, profile & merchant self-care options. It also provides online reports & access to real-time transactions & settlement data/span>
  • Estel mPOS Software (Server-side): Estel’s mPOS Solution is the software interface between mPOS Applications, acquiring banks, and payment service providers.

Estel’s m-POS solution uses card readers which are fully certified by EMV & PCI, and the solution itself is certified by MasterCard & Visa and is PA DSS compliant.

As an mPOS Solution Provider, Estel is a well-known name in the industry. Apart from the mPOS payment Solution, Estel also provides the following merchant payment solutions:

Estel’s multiPay: A merchant payment aggregation solution that allows a merchant to accept payments from subscribers of multiple payment service providers (PSP).

Salient features of Estel’s mPOS Solution

  • Estel’s mPOS Solution module runs on top of Estel’s proven high-performance transaction engine capable of processing over 1000 Transactions per Second (TPS).
  • mPOS Software Application is available for Android (iOS is coming soon).
  • The application is compatible with most of the smartphones available in the market.
  • The application provides all the functionalities of a traditional POS terminal and much more.
  • End-to-end PCI compliant: P2PE encrypted transactions from card reader to m-App to Estel Payment Gateway to Bank switch.
  • Multiple Card Readers supported: Magnetic Stripe (MSR), EMV as well as Contactless.
  • Simple & secure web-based merchant registration & activation process.
  • Customizable receipts can be delivered via email, SMS, or printed via Bluetooth Printer (optional).
  • Real-time management of transactions, refunds, and reports via Merchant m-App & Merchant Web & Mobile Portal
  • Support for all card types: credit, debit, gift & prepaid; MasterCard and Visa; Open & Closed-loop.
  • The solution is Card processor independent, mobile network independent, card reader/manufacturer-independent. The extremely portable size and ultra-low-cost of the mPOS merchant devices make it affordable to even the smallest of the merchants.


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