What is Estel’s Micro ATM Solution?

Estel Micro ATM Solution - In Detail

Micro ATM is an innovative technology from Estel Technologies for Banks and Agency Banking service providers. It enables banks to set up ultra-low-cost human ATMs using mobile devices, including:

  • A tablet / mobile phone
  • A Card Reader, and
  • Optional mobile Bluetooth Printer

A traditional ATM, though widely available in urban areas these days, has the following drawbacks:

  • High real estate, ATM & support infrastructure costs & bottlenecks
  • High operating costs (cash replenishment, security, rent, power, communications)

A handheld Micro ATM, on the other hand, can be set up inside an existing shop since it requires extremely limited space. The operating cost is negligible in comparison to a traditional ATM, since the Micro ATM needs negligible space, power, and uses Wi-Fi or Mobile Data for communication.

As a Micro ATM Solution Provider, Estel is a well-known name in the industry. Apart from Micro ATM Solution, Estel also provides the following branchless banking software solutions:

  • Agency Banking Solution: A solution allowing ‘trusted’ agents outside the bank branch to provide selected banking services to customers.
  • Mobile Banking Solution: A fully featured mobile banking solution for banks.

In its simplest form, an agent-on-foot can go to a customer or a prospective customer to provide Bank@Home or Doorstep Banking Service, using either a mobile phone or a POS terminal as the ‘banking terminal’.

Estel’s Agency Banking Solution

Estel‘s innovative Agency Banking solution enables Banks to go Branchless, increase brand visibility, reach & accessibility & reduce Capex Costs.

As a Branchless Banking Solution Provider, Estel is a well-known name in the industry. Apart from Agency Banking Solution, Estel also provides the following branchless banking software solutions:

  • Micro ATM Solution: A human-assisted mobile-based ATM service.
  • Mobile Banking Solution: A fully featured mobile banking solution for banks.

Services provided by Estel’s Micro ATM:

  • Cash Deposit
  • Cash withdrawal
  • Balance Check
  • Mini Statement
  • Account Opening
  • Pre-paid recharges
  • Bill payments (post-paid and utility)

How does Estel Micro ATM works?

  • Neighbourhood ‘trusted’ merchant is appointed ‘Human ATM’, equipped with Micro ATM system
  • As the Merchants accumulate cash thru the day from their regular business, it gives him liquidity to perform Micro ATM cash-outs.
  • Customers with ATM cards visit merchant, withdraw/deposits cash using this Micro ATM system (Cash collection and disbursal services are provided by the shop’s cashier.)
  • Bank settles with the merchant the next day, via a transfer to his account, after adjusting the merchant commission.

What are the components of Estel’s Micro ATM?

Estel Micro ATM solution has the following main components:

  • Tablet / mobile phone, Card-reader, and (optional) Printer: The components form the front end of the solution. The tablet runs Estel’s Micro ATM Software Application which provides an interactive interface very similar to a standard ATM screen in both look and experience. A fully certified card-reader connected with the tablet reads the ATM card and allows customers to authenticate using the ATM PIN. The printer, a low-cost Bluetooth thermal printer, connected with the tablet prints the receipts/statements. Alternatively, the receipt can be sent by SMS to the customer, eliminating the need for the printer
  • Estel Micro ATM Application: Estel provides smartphone applications for Android & iOS platforms. The application is used for authentication and secure communication with the Banking environment.
  • Estel’s Micro ATM Software (Server Side): Estel’s Micro ATM Solution is the software interface between Micro ATM Applications and Bank CBS/ATM Switches.

Salient features of the Micro ATM Solution platform

  • Estel’s Micro ATM Solution module runs on top of Estel’s proven high-performance transaction engine capable of processing over 1000 Transactions per Second (TPS).
  • Micro ATM Software Application is available for Android & iOS platforms. The applications are compatible with most of the smartphones available in the market. The application is designed to provide an experience similar to an ATM.
  • A fully certified Card-reader can perform ATM card-based operations.
  • Since the setup, as well as operating cost for Micro ATM, is extremely small, widespread rollout of Micro ATMs are feasible.
  • The service does not need extensive communication infrastructure, it can work well even with mobile data, which allows banks to set up Micro ATMs even in remote areas.
  • This software platform also allows the bank to create and manage Micro ATM agent networks from a centralized web interface.
  • This interface also allows the bank to manage the commission/tax profile for each Micro ATM agent and to trigger commission payments.
  • The platform is compatible with biometric/OTP authentication mechanisms to provide Cardless ATM service.
  • All transactions are end-to-end encrypted using keys from Bank HSM
  • This branchless banking solution platform can integrate with all the popular CBS platforms.
  • The solution provides online real-time transaction reporting.
  • The platform also integrates with mobile network operators and utility service providers to provide prepaid recharge and bill payment services.

Use Case Scenarios

  • Cash withdrawal:Ms. Thida from the small town of Yedashe in Myanmar needs some cash urgently. She could go to one of the few ATMs in Town, but the nearest one is 5 km away. She walks into one of the provision stores nearby and finds a Micro ATM desk. She uses her ATM card to withdraw money just like she had been doing at an ATM. Once approved the cashier in the store hands over the cash to her. Bank has another happy customer today and the store has disposed of some accumulated cash. As a bonus, the store also receives some commission for the transaction.


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