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Micro Banking

The mobile platform is emerging as the most accessible and efficient way for people in the developing and developed countries to access banking services securely.


Estel’s Micro Banking platform enables inclusive and low-cost banking, remittances, mobile payments and other mobile financial services to millions of people in countries where banking services are not easily available or accessible. It enables mobile financial services for millions of unbanked customers and offers enormous potential to open new markets and business opportunities for Banks, MNOs, Money Transfer and Payment Service Providers.

A user’s mobile wallet account in the Estel platform can be simple cash based account, or can be linked to bank accounts, credit/debit cards, other wallet accounts and other payment methods to enable universal mobile payments environment. The platform supports customised regulatory requirements like KYC, AML and anti-fraud rules. Integration with banking systems is done using ISO8583 standards and offers open APIs for easy integration to other players in the ecosystem. Estel’s mobile money system is continuously evolving with changing technological trends and currently supports all communication channels and user interfaces including SMS, USSD, IP, IVR, STK, Device applications (Java, Symbian, Android, iPhone, Blackberry etc.), POS Terminals, Web, WAP and NFC.

Some of the key features of Estel’s Micro Banking solution are:

Financial Transactions

It enables customers to perform a variety of financial transactions from their mobile devices like mobile payments to merchants, bill payments, recharge of prepaid mobile accounts, payments for utility or other services , receive salaries, receive microfinance welfare payments, payments of microfinance loan instalments, payments of insurance premium etc.

Cash-in and Cash-out

Subscribers can conveniently deposit and withdraw cash using their mobile wallet accounts at neighbourhood retail agents.

Remittance & Money Transfer

The platform enables customers to transfer money instantly and securely to recipients in another city or across borders. The receiver of the money can collect cash at neighbourhood retail agent or at an ATM.


The services can be accessed anywhere and anytime, even while on the go.

Enhanced Security

Advanced level of security is implemented at both the application and transaction layers with 3DES data encryption security, transactional MPIN and access security rules.


The platform is both operator and mobile technology independent and can be adapted for both GSM and CDMA networks. It can be used by mobile operators, banks, remittance operators and service providers alike to offer Mobile Money services.

Benefits to Banks, MNOs & Service Providers

Efficiently Integrates into existing mobile and banking infrastructure

Our flexible and fault resilient architecture assures seamless integration with various back-end hosts that helps customers reduce time and effort invested in integration, testing and deployment.

Lower Costs and Increased Productivity

Estel’s Micro Banking solution enables Service Provides to deploy and manage a large agent network without opening expensive bank branches or ATM`s. This makes low cost, relevant financial services easily available everywhere, which significantly increases reach and visibility.

New Revenue Stream

Banks generate revenues from the untapped markets through transaction fees and cross-sell other financial services to the new segment. MNOs and service providers generate revenues through transaction fees and can also cross-sell their respective other services.


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