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Posted on April 17, 2013
The ability to replace cash with digital money transferred via mobile phone has been one of the biggest revolutions for over a decade now. In this scenario it is interesting to know the future of Mobile money in India .Most of the people agree that Mobile money has a good potential market in India which currently is in infant stage. The explosive growth of the mobile industry over the past decade has led to billions of transactions using mobile devices. People now pay bills, transfer money, buy goods and services through a tap on their devices. Today, with more money flowing around Africa by mobile phone, the adoption of micro-payment system has gained interest of all. It would be interesting to know the effectiveness and challenges of Indian market towards Mobile Money.
Posted on March 25, 2013
Mobile MoneyThe Mobile money industry has shown phenomenal growth and development in the recent years and provides promising opportunities for future .The industries growth can be further maximized if agents and capitalist identify the appropriate business models to achieve scalability and implement business regulations for fair competition. Balancing the needs and expectations of consumers, operators, businesses and regulators is the most sensible and balanced way for development of the mobile money ecosystems.


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