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Voucher Management System

It is critical for prepaid service providers to ensure ease of availability of prepaid starter kits, calling cards or recharge vouchers at all times to maintain customer satisfaction in a competitive market environment. Stock-out situations of prepaid vouchers can lead to lost revenue and customer churn.

Estel’s Voucher Management System (VMS) is an operator grade software platform for management of financial inventory of a prepaid business. It allows management of complete PIN life-cycle, from secure PIN generation, printing, voucher warehousing, distribution, activation and its redemption by subscriber for recharge. Our high performance and scalable VMS platform enables the service provider to focus on service provisioning with the comfort that logistics is under control, is secure and the continuity of supply is assured. The vouchers are easily generated in desired denominations, quantity, validity, variable expiry rules and are encrypted for safety during printing at third party printing locations. The activation /deactivation of voucher batches can also be managed securely and efficiently to prevent revenue leakage and fraud.

Estel’s VMS platform is highly secure, supports both physical and electronic vouchers, and integrates easily with operator’s existing prepaid IN or converged billing platform, with support for multiple billing platforms.

This robust and highly flexible platform can support millions of simultaneous voucher transactions and can also operate as a Common Voucher System for multiple prepaid services such as mobile, calling cards, Internet, DTH or IP TV with multiple values and denominations. The subscribers can either apply full recharge value to any one service, or spread the value across multiple services, with the system seamlessly managing the recharge.

The distribution of e-PINs through a large distribution channel and a merchant network can be efficiently and effectively managed using Estel’s e-Voucher platform.

Benefits to Service Providers

Efficient & Secure Inventory Management

The platform manages the financial inventory of prepaid stock in a highly efficient and secure manner.

Enhanced Revenue

Reduction in stock-out situations coupled with prevention of revenue leakages and fraud results in enhanced overall revenue and profit.

Faster Response to Market Dynamics

The system offers flexibility to quickly configure and launch new service packages required to take the lead in market or quickly respond to market needs based on competition moves and strategies.

Enhanced Customer Satisfaction & Reduced Churn

Ease of voucher availability and service continuity helps enhance customer satisfaction and reduces churn.


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