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According to the United Nations, more than 215 million people live outside their countries of birth and over 700 million migrate within their countries to larger cities. Migrant workers in urban areas send money to their families in rural areas using expensive traditional remittance services. World Bank estimates that in 2012, US$406 billion was remitted cross-border to developing world through formal channels and this number will grow to US$ 534 billion by 2015.


Compared to the traditional remittance methods, Mobile Remittance is the future of remittance services as it is fast, convenient, secure, transparent and significantly less expensive. The mobile phones penetration has skyrocketed globally from 0.7 billion in 2000 to 6 billion in 2011, of which 4.6 billion are in developing countries. This extensive mobile penetration has helped low cost and convenient remittance services to become available in remote geographies without high investments in traditional infrastructure.


Estel’s Mobile Remittance platform enables a low cost and flexible remittance service offering enormous potential to open new business opportunities for service providers, banks and mobile operators. Their customers can send money securely and instantly from the comfort of their own homes, or, while on the move using their mobile phones either:

  • From their mobile wallet account to the receiver’s mobile wallet account, or,
  • From their mobile wallet account to an unregistered customer, who collects the remittance in cash either at an authorized agent or, an ATM, or,
  • Send cash via an authorized agent, with the recipient also collecting cash at an authorized agent, or, at an ATM

The platform also supports an agent assisted remittance model wherein both sender and receiver may not have or use their mobile phones. These Remittance Agents make instant commissions, and their operation is fully managed by a feature rich Agent Management Module of the Estel platform.

Key Benefits to Service Providers

Increased Market Penetration

Traditional remittance services have limited reach due to expensive infrastructure required at each remittance retail outlet. With Estel’s m-Remittance solution, any retailer with a mobile phone can become a Remittance Agent and no traditional banking infrastructure is required

Faster Expansion into New Markets

With negligible investments required and quick on boarding of new retailers, new geographical markets can be opened up at a fast pace.

Lower Cost of Operations

Traditional services charge high fees owing to their high costs. Estel’s mobile funds transfer platform enables a low cost, secure, reliable and flexible remittance service.

Increased Revenues and Growth Rate

Lower costs to the end users drive average ticket size of remittances downwards, fuelling further growth and revenues.


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