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MMO Switch

Making Mobile Money Services Inter-Operable

Need for MMO Switch

The explosive growth of Mobile Money services globally has resulted in each Mobile Money Operator (MMO) operating their service as an 'island', with no interconnectivity to other MMOs.

This means that subscribers of MMO1 cannot transact with subscribers of MMO2, which forces many subscribers to open wallets with multiple MMOs, leading to inefficiencies & difficulties of managing multiple accounts.

There is need for inter-operability between MMOs, to enable subscribers of any MMO to transact with subscribers of any other MMO, seamlessly.

Regulators around the world are increasingly realizing the importance of such inter-operability & its benefits to:

  • Subscribers
  • Entire Mobile Money ecosystem
  • National Economy

In some countries the regulators have begun mandating such inter-operability, and are 'sanctioning / licensing' the operation of a MMO switch to enable this inter-operability.

Scope of MMO Switch

The Estel MMO Switch enables multiple use cases, which are grouped into two major heads:


1) Inter-operability of services between different MMOs, by interconnecting all MMOs via the switch

2) Inter-operability of services between banks & MMOs, by interconnecting all Banks & MMOs via the switch

3) Inter-operability of services between all card schemes & MMOs

4) Monitoring & reporting of all MMO transactions to the regulator

Additional Services

1) Provision of a common 'Payment Gateway API' to online merchants to enable subscribers of any MMO to pay online, with the MMO switch acting as an aggregator

2) Enable any person (with either a bank or wallet account), to Send Money to any other person's Phone Number, from their phone

3) Provision of a Unified API for Bill Payments & Mobile Top up, to enable MMO Switch to become a payments aggregator

These use cases are licensed separately, and can be implemented modularly or all together. The Switch is highly secure & feature rich; it also includes modules for AML, Fees, Reconciliation & Settlement and Reporting.

Integrations (Up & Down Stream):

The MMO Switch will integrate to all MMOs (upstream) on APIs provided by each MMO. Alternatively, this upstream integration can also be on a API published by the Switch.

The Switch will provide a "Unified Inter-Operability API" to the MMOs for downstream integration, where each downstream MMP will integrate to the Switch API.

Actors in a MMO Switch Ecosystem:

  • MMO Switch Service Provider
  • Mobile Money Operators
  • Banks
  • National Financial Switch (Cards/ATMs)
  • Online Merchants
  • Billers & Mobile Operators


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