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Estel Micro ATM is an innovative, mobile based ultra-low cost ATM, which is operated in agent assisted mode. The solution enables banks to appoint & manage agents, who function as ‘Human ATMs’, to provide following services to bank customers, on their ATM/Debit card:

  • Cash Deposit
  • Cash Withdrawal (cash out from bank account)
  • Balance Check
  • Mini Statement
  • Prepaid Recharge
  • Bill Payments

Cash withdrawal being the most widely used feature, is explained below in more detail.

Easy Cash Withdrawal using Estel Micro ATM

What is Micro ATM?

Beginning 1969 when ATMs were first introduced, they have evolved into high tech, very secure, full-fledged, feature rich banking terminals, offering convenience to customers, and reducing costs for banks.

ATMs are now spread globally, and available in most urban areas, even in emerging economies. Emerging markets face unique challenges in ATM deployment, making their rollouts slow:

  • High real estate & support infrastructure costs & bottlenecks
  • High operating costs (cash replenishment, security, rent, power, communications)

In emerging markets ATMs are mostly used for Cash Deposit, Cash Withdrawal, Balance Check, Mini Statements & Bill Payments, with cash withdrawal being the primary use case for most customers.

Estel has created Mobile based innovative technology, which enables ultra-low cost ATM capability, operated in agent assisted mode, as Human ATM.

This Mobile ATM technology is expected to revolutionize ATM rollout s & usage in emerging economies.

How it works?

  • Neighbourhood ‘trusted’ merchant is appointed ‘Human ATM’, equipped with Micro ATM system
  • Merchants accumulates cash thru the day, from his regular business, giving him liquidity to perform Micro ATM cash outs
  • Customers with ATM cards visit merchant, withdraw cash using his Micro ATM system
  • Bank settles with merchant next day, by transfer to his account, after adjusting the merchant commission
  • Merchant ‘disposes off’ accumulated cash, consumer gets cash ‘nearby & conveniently’ & bank has no cost & hassle of installing & managing ATMs

Solution Components Tablet, Card Reader & Printer

  • Tablet hosts Estel Micro ATM application,
  • Fully Certified Reader, reads inserted ATM card & takes customer PIN input
  • Printer prints receipt
  • All transaction end to end encrypted using keys from Bank HSM (DUKPT / MSK)

Estel Micro ATM Application

  • Android based; iOS & Windows in Q4, 2014
  • Agent login, amount entry, communication to Server & receive notification

Estel ATM Server

  • Receives, processes & manages transactions between Micro ATM application on one side, and ATM switch on another
  • Manages remote key injection (from bank HSM) to card reader device
  • Manages Merchant & Device registration, activations and deactivations
  • On line real time transaction reporting


  • Uses fully EMV & PCI certified components
  • End to end compliant to applicable PCI DSS security guidelines
  • Supports both magnetic stripe cards with PIN, and Chip & PIN (EMV) cards
  • Simple & secure web based agent registration & activation process
  • Receipts via email, SMS & print (via optional Bluetooth Printer)
  • Integrates to existing Bank ATM switch on Bank ISO message format
  • Business models: solution is offered both on Capex model, and, as a hosted (cloud service) on revenue share basis

Benefits for Stakeholders Acquiring Banks / Payment Service Provider

  • Achieve rapid ATM deployment at very low costs, vs. traditional ATMs – both capital & operating costs
  • Penetrate new ‘un-served’ geographies and drive card issuance business there, gaining new customers
  • Offer customers convenience, via multiple cash out points


  • Attractive new service, with Bank branding attracts new customers
  • Earn additional revenues from bank commission
  • Sales volume growth, via additional footfall in outlet
  • Achieve cash balancing & reduce cost & hassle of cash management


  • Wide availability of cash out points
  • Convenience

Government & Economy

  • Greatly assists in spread of banking into un-served and under-served areas
  • Gets larger population into banked sector

White Label System

  • System can be owned & operated by Banks, or third party ATM service Providers
  • All components of the solution (Card Reader, Mobile App, Merchant Management Module & ATM server) are white labeled and customized as per customer’s requirements
  • The solution is hosted in your country, and made available in your currency & (if required) in your local language
  • Estel offers the system under both Capex & Opex business models