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Top Up Modules

Operators can add-on these modules to their e-Top Up system to offer additional services, using the same infrastructure & ecosystem.

Prepaid Balance Transfer(P2P)

This application enables transfer of prepaid balance from one subscriber’s account to another using a mobile phone.
Subscribers use either an STK application, or simply an SMS / USSD to initiate a Talk Time Transfer transaction. The Operator charges for the SMS traffic generated and also charges a commission on each transaction. Transfers can also be done from a postpaid subscriber’s account to a prepaid IN account.

Emergency Credit

This module provides the ability for registered / eligible customers to obtain a recharge of a defined value for emergency purposes. Business rules ensure that this capability cannot be abused, and the amount of the emergency credit can be reconciled with the IN system when the customer next recharges.

Bonus Recharge

This module enables a bonus to be defined on specified airtime recharge products. When this product is sold, a bonus value is added to the recharge. The bonus can be monetary or token based (e.g. provide a bonus of 3 free SMS). This enables marketing campaigns to be created to target specific demographics and boost sales of specific products.

Bill Pay

This application allows retailers to collect post paid bill payments in cash at their retail outlet. Retailers utilize their existing prepaid balance (working capital) with operator & the same interface (handset application, or, PC) for this service.
The Bill Pay application debits the retailers’ m-wallet and credits the amount to the Post paid billing system against the subscriber’s Invoice number.

VAS Retailing

This module enables e-Top Up retailers to sell VAS (e.g. ringtones, music downloads, wall paper, subscription for ring back tomes services, SMS alerts service etc) over the counter for cash payments. The application debits the retailers m-Wallet & triggers the VAS systems to deliver the service to the subscriber. VAS is usually an impulse purchase item, and this service makes it easy to buy at the local retail outlet.

Roaming Recharge

This module enables subscribers to recharge their prepaid mobile, either using vouchers or voucher-less, while roaming in a different country in a partner network, which offers such a service in partnership with their home network.

Retailer Loyalty

This module rewards retailers based on their sales activity. Retailers earn points based on multiple criteria related to their sales, and the earned points can be redeemed for prepaid airtime recharge, or as cash which is credited into their m-Wallet.


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