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e-Top Up Solution

It is critical for the growth of any prepaid service provider to offer many quick and easy ways for its customers to recharge their prepaid accounts. Since, prepaid businesses for mobile and other service providers are rapidly growing worldwide, the volume of transactions is very large and service providers need, not only feature rich systems, but also systems which are highly scalable and robust and can effectively handle extremely high volumes with uptimes in excess of 99.99%.

Estel’s e-Top Up platform with proven deployments globally offers a convenient experience for customers to top up their prepaid accounts in real-time, within seconds. It replaces the traditional scratch cards based top up and offers great flexibility to operators of Mobile Networks, Fixed Line Telephony, ISPs, and Calling Cards, prepaid TV, prepaid electricity, prepaid utilities etc. The technology offers tremendous benefits to the subscribers and distributors of service providers.

Estel’s e-Top Up platform offers two key variants:

  • Voucher Less e-Top Up: Most advanced and easy way for subscribers, channel partners and service providers to manage the topup process. No need for e-PINs or Vouchers with pre-fixed denominations.Customer’s account is topped up instantly against payment of any value made at a retail outlet. The retailer triggers a direct recharge of customer’s account using his mobile phone or other devices like POS or a computer enabling true ‘Anytime, Anywhere, Any Value Top up’.
  • e-Voucher: A preferred way of recharge in some countries. An e-PIN is delivered via SMS to subscriber’s mobile phone, or is printed from a POS terminal against payment made at retail outlet. The subscriber then sends the e-PIN via SMS, IVR or USSD to the service provider’s top up application shortcode and their account is recharged.

Key Benefits to Service Providers

Reduced Costs and Increased Profits

Physical recharge cards or vouchers involve a significant cost towards printing, distribution, warehousing, transportation, damages and fraud. Such costs are eliminated in voucher less electronic recharge system resulting in increased margins and profits.

Improved Distribution Channel Experience

Service provider can have the required number of layers in the distribution hierarchy and can assign the desired parent-child relationships within each hierarchical tree and can assign scope of services authorised for each channel partner. The electronic stock delivery to the channel is instant, with no time lost in supply chain.

Enhanced Market Reach

The retail channel can easily be extended to cover more geographical locations even in remote areas wherever there is a mobile network available. Low entry costs for retailers, as all they need is a low cost mobile phone to start the business, helps expand reach.

Enhanced Channel Motivation and Productivity

The channel gets immense benefits due to lower working capital required to run the business. Channel partners can buy small volumes of stock at a time with instant replenishments available, thus reducing working capital requirements. Additionally, the application provides a dynamic and flexible commission module which helps credit the commissions instantly and allows additional commissions to be configured to incentivise the channel.

Fast Response to Market Dynamics

The system offers flexibility to quickly configure and launch new service packages required to take the lead in market or quickly respond to market needs based on competition moves and strategies.

Powerful Online MIS

Real-time and online MIS available to the service provider and authorised channel partners with a view to real-time sales data helps decide and implement high performance product packaging and sales strategies leading to optimum productivity levels.

Value Added Modules

Several optional add-on modules are offered as optional modules to help our customers to get exactly what they need cost effectively. Click here to know more about our e-Top Up Value added modules.


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